CALIBER Model Engine Fuel
Fuel for the century 

The CALIBER model engine fuel was developed and is produced in country of engines, in USA. The demand of US market  is a guarantee, that the quality of this products represents the top possible quality level. Only a best chemical raw material and components where the stability of their technical parametres is quaranted are used for the production, to be achieved and permanetly preserved the top quality level of final product. Due the fact, that many of World producers are not able to guarantee the lasting quality of chemical materials produced by them (epecially of far East region), for CALIBER fuel are used only the materials produced in USA and equiped by appropriate certification. The condition and quality of the each chemical components are continualy controlled, it quarantee the best quality of final product - the CALIBER fuel.
   Except the materials what are used as a standard, nitromethane and metylalcohole, the most important factor for final product quality is a quality of  used lubricants. Especially  modified castor oil CASTOR C+ and different blends of synthetic oils especially developed by producer, to enable to formulate the fuel practically for all the type of engines and their concrete application. Here is available wide line of fuel blends starting from fully synthetic, over the Castor/synthetic blends to fuel what contains only castor lubricant. The content of lubricant varies from 9% to 24% and content of nitromethane from 5% to 30% fully cover the need for correct function of model engines and their concrete application. The CALIBER fuel packing into the plastic bottles made from a special high molecular polyethylene secure the absolute seal, how as about the fuel evaporation, so as as about the fuel contamination by air humidity.
   All of these attributes, together with  reasonable price, good technical support and the CALIBER fuel availability in all the good Model Hobby shops, they are a basic presumptions, that the CALIBER fuel  should be a strong "player" on Europian fuel market and above all,  to be your reliable and strong partner at your every days modellers activity realisation

Yours Caliber Team

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