The conditions at what the racing hydro boat engines are working are very hard to please, especially as about the maximum power keeping up during the extremely long lasting race and the periodically engine turning up to the extreme r.p.m. when the boat propeller comes out of water level. The total time of boat speed races are very long, usually few times longer compare to the flight time of R/C Airplanes or Heli, so the demand for long engine lifetime is also desired. Although the cooling is usually more effective compare to the Airplane, Heli or Car (the water is always better cooling medium compare to the air, especially at summer months), the long lasting exertion due the high power and temperature is one of  bigest problem what the boat modellers must fighting with. Regarding to the demand for long lifetime of engine (high number of working hours at the long lasting speed race), the  fuel with17% lubrication and 10% nitromethane is recommended as a standard. For sport drive with lower working charge on the fuel, the CALIBER B (Boat) 5% fuel with 5% nitromethane and 17% of lubricant is acceptable. Caliber B (Boat) fuel is due its parametres like power, reliability and influence on good engine lifetime one of best what available on World market.

Cat.No. Description / contents of Nitromethane Volume % Oil Recommended use Price EUR
1454817 Caliber B Premium 5% 3,8 Lt 17% Sport drive / Low working charge 15,60
1454818 Caliber B Premium 10% 3,8 Lt 17% Race drive / FSR / High power 19,60

-see section " TECHNOLOGYEngine maintenance "
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