The CALIBER Fuel Technology

  Only the best quality raw materials and chemical components are used in the CALIBER fuel. The extra care is dedicated to the nitromethane and methanol, because  as a producer we know , no some quality fuel can be made less absolute quality of these two raw materials

Virgin Methanol
The methanol  is supplied to us by  US chemical company. Their product with top quality and chemical purity is marked as a VIRGIN METHANOL. Methanol is supplied to us in the special tanks what are used  only for this chemicals.  It is not distributed before the standard of purity and water contents is checked  not only by producer, but  by us also. After the laboratory check-up, if the positive result is obtained, the supplier receive our agree for the expedition. As soon as the methanol is delivered to our production plant,  our own samples are taken away before the contents of tank is draw over to  our own reservoir. The Nitrogene is continually convey   to the tank under pressure to make  the protective atmosphere and so render off the water absorption into the methanol. It is a reason, why the methanol used for Caliber fuel is always in the same quality (less water) like at the time when  left the chemical plant.

The permanent nitromethane quality keeping is not easy and cheap. Some other fuel producers, mainly with respect to low price, use the nitromethane produced in "non reliable" teritories (of Asia or East Europe) where the quality is usually not 100% quaranted. In the Caliber fuel, we use the nitromethane produced in USA only. Nitromethane is supplied in dedicated barells, again with Nitrogene protective atmosphere. Before the filling to the barells is checked by producer. The results of all the checks made by producer are registered on the protocol what is a part of delivery.

Because the Nitromethane is relative unstable and explosive material, immediately after the supply to our production, we lower  its sensibility by the mixing with methanol. As soon as the Nitromethane is mixed with methanol, it is relative safety
for aditional manipulation in the fuel production. Arised blend is again stored under Nitrogene protective atmosphere.

Oils and additives
The Caliber fuel producer, on the basis of outstanding US engine specialists experience,  developed and introduced to the production quite revolutionary lubricant system, what combines outstanding lubricative property of used oils and aditives, and it is a reason of considerable rise of fuel flow at the contemporaneous increase the oil filme bearing. It enables to rise radically the power output at the excellent lubrication. Consistency these new lubrication fuel components enables the higher fuel flow throw engine, what reasoned to higher power output less neccessity to lower the oil volume (what is usuall in other fuels very often). In the final, we obtain higher power output at lower stress of engine parts, what was only  a dream for many fuel user meanwhile. By the higher fuel flow throw the engine and by higher bearing of the oil film we have reached that the engine run at lower temperature, what has a direct influence for easyest and non kritical setting the main fuel needle and engine run reliability. The fuel flow rise enables also to more close fuel needle and so lower fuel consumption. It will a big advantage mainly for the drivers what need to obtain a maximum racing laps for one filling, respectively longer period between the fuel tank filling during long lastings duration race.

The oil contents in Caliber fuel blends
The oil content in fuel blends is relative easy to ascertainable.  Nevertheless many of fuel producers consider this allegation as a secret ones and it is not introduced by them. The fuel contents in exactly declared by producer for each Caliber fuel blend - see please the "PRODUCTS" section
(find concrete type of Caliber  fuel) .    

Synthetic and castor oils in the Caliber fuel blends
The correct blend of synthetic and castor oils provide to the user the best what  are these lubricants  able to offer - cleannes and resistance against corrosion offered by synthetic oil  and insurance against the engine seizure by Castor oil. The synthetic/Castor oil volume ratio is especially set for each concrete fuel application and are blended usually in 80:20 to 50:30 ratio.

Fully synthetic Caliber fuel blends
The producer of Caliber fuel has developed the special blends of synthetic oils HDS-OIL a special high presure chemical preparations, what rise the protection against the engine mechanical parts and contemporary rise the oil film bearing what neccessary for a good lubrication of moving engine parts. These fuels are recommended mainly for the Heli engines.

Fully castor Caliber fuel blends
These fuel blends are recommended mainly for low volume engines (below 3ccm)be noted for a high r.p.m. and running at very worse condition against the bigger engines.

Programable computer mixing
Correct and stable  fuel composition is ensure by the special mesuring equipment what exactly dosing each components of fuel to the mixer. The volume of each component of fuel is preprogrammed to the computer controlled dosing machines, each for one of fuel component. All the dosing meters are calibrated and  work with temperature correction. These measuring equipment ensures the dosing in 0,02% accuracy with the inner and outer temperature elimination, so the temperature sway has not any influence to the quality of final product.

High speed and sealed off mixing
The mixing systeme used by us is quite different compare to the mixing used by most of the other fuel producers. The mixing is not done on the standard mixing machine where all the components are conveyed and mixed at once and where it is neccessary to mix it during relative long time. At our technolgy, we use a quite different system, what ensures the fuel blend perfect mixing in very short time, so the fuel is not contamined by air humidity. The nitromethane and metylalcohol entry to the mixing procedure as first. These raw materials are in the exact preset ratio mixed together. Than entry to high speed mixing loop, where the remainigs components are  injected under high pressure. It concerning oils and other aditives. By this way the blend thicken step by step. After this premixing, the fuel blend is convey to standard mixer, where the  mixing operation is finished.   

Precision filtration and filling
All the fuels are filtred before the filling to the bottles.  We use 10 micron presurised filtration systeme, it ensures, that the final product (fuel) is deprived by all the mechanical impurity.
Accurate filling machine with calibrated volume measurement ensures exact filling to the outer bottles.

What type of fuel is best for You ?
In order to use the most advantageous  type of fuel, it is neccessary to lay the basic question, for what purpose and for what engine we will use the fuel. Never solve these questions separately. It is neccessary to solve the whole complex - fuel - engine - application together. The answers will be a reason what type of fuel will be best for us. It is neccessary to have on your mind, RC car drivers need highest power at high r.p.m. and acceptable engine lifetime, the RC scale pilots absolute reliability at low r.p.m., speed boaters the maximal and long maintainable  output at mid r.p.m. and long engine lifetime etc. In dependence of these  above mentioned different demands it is neccessary to be changed also the fuel composition. It is a reason, why the different fuel blends are made for different type of models (cars, airplanes, boats and heli) and for different application (sport, racing, cheap engines etc. are made the different type of fuel varies not only by volume of oil and Nitromethane, but also by special aditives formulated for the asked results achieving.

The solution of above mentioned system "Fuel - engine - application" is obvious before anything else of a used engine and its design. Mainly as about the material and production, the quality can be very different from one producer to the other. On the World market are available top quality, perfectly produced but mostly also more expensive products, but also the other  usually cheaped, but  lower quality ones. It is a fact, that many modellers prefere low price ahead the quality, and are thinking by mistake, that use o top fuel, receive also a good performance. Due the quality of engine, it is neccessary to use the corresponding fuel. If the high % nitromethane and low % of lubricant racing fuel will be used for cheap engine, it is very probably,that engine will be damaged or its lifetime will be very shortened. These causes are very frequent mainly at the new no experienced drivers or pilots, and than they ascribed the aditional engine damaging  usually to the bad fuel, what is naturaly not true, because the racing high nitromethane or low oil content fuel couldnot be use for cheap, low quality engines.  On the second hand, it is neccessary to remind, the high attention must be devoted to the fuel for top quality engines also.  We have an experience, that at the top quality engine producer usually recommend concrete content of nitromethane, recommended glow plug and eventually compression ratio
for different type of fuel to be obtained an optimal  engine run and the working temperature also. 
The Nitromethane content in the fuel blend is neccessary to elect mainly due the engine design and its producer recommendation and aditionally due the application (the engine use). The higher content of nitromethane couldnot rise the power in every case.   

Generally is possible to recommend the next rules
Respect the producer recommendation for the fuel choice and engine running-in. Most of engine damaging or problems is not evoked by bad fuel, but its wrong choose, wrongly engine setting or uncorrecting running-in.
If you are a "Sunday" driver or pilot, use lower nitromethane fuel, but be sure, that the engine is still good starting at the cold weather, and smothly running including the good crossing between low and top r.p.m. Do not apprehend to test the fuels with different content of nitromethane and choose the ones, what will have a better value for you (the price/your needs).
In every case, even you choose the fuel with higher content of nitromethane, make the engine running-in with fuel what  you suppose to use later for standard purpose (after running-in).
The experinced pilots and drivers know, that the best results (power, reliability, idle and lifetime) is possible to obtain only at "labor" with fuel,  engine tunning and also many practical tests and examinations.

Something about package (bottles and boxes)
The International standard exist for the package use. In harmony of these International standards are produced also the plastic bottles, used for CALIBER fuel. The bottles are produced from the special high molecular polyethylene. Its specific properties do not ensure only the nitromethane and methanol  evaporation stopping  from the bottle , but also prevent the contamination the content (fuel) by air humidity. The realised tests documented, that the content of bottle (fuel) was contamined by air humidity only very little, the volume of water in fuel was rised for 1% after 20 years , at 100% outer hummidity and 37°C temperature. The bottles with fuel are in adition sealed by cap of,  aluminium foil what prevent the undesirable fuel contamination by air humidity (it is a same way like used in pharmacy or food industry). All the package fulfill the strict conditions for domestic and international air and surface transport.    
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