HELI Fuel - Synthetic
   Engines of R/C Heli models work at exceptionally hardly conditions, as a rule at the long lasting maximum power and quite problematic cooling. Due this reason, they need quite different fuel composition with the basic accent to high power achieving, long lifetime and maximum working reliability. Due the problems with cooling and demand for the engine absolute working reliabillity are used the fuels with higher content of lubricant and nitromethane compare to the flight fuels. The oil content of CALIBER H (Heli) Synthetic varies between 20 - 24%, available are fuel with 10, 15 and 30% nitromethane. CALIBER H (Heli) Synthetic fuel is in adition completed by few aditives against foaming, the passive friction reduction etc. Regarding to the higher working temperature are used fully synthetic lubricants what do not make a carbon. CALIBER H (Heli) Synthetic fuel are coloured for easy visual control of fuel level in fuel tank.
   The CALIBER H (Heli) Synthetic fuel  with 15% nitromethane is considered as a standard heli fuel, for contest use and mainly for 3D aerobatic the 30% nitromethane type fuel is recommended. The CALIBER H 10% Synthetic fuel is determined for those modellers, who prefered lowest working charge before the maximum engine power.
Description / contents of Nitromethane Volume % Oil Recommended use Price EUR
1454811 Caliber H 10% Synthetic 3,8 Lt 20% Sport Flying / Low Charge / Carbonless 19,60
1454812 Caliber H 15% Synthetic 3,8 Lt 20% Sport Flying  / Good Power / Carbonless 22,80
1454813 Caliber H 30% Synthetic 3,8 Lt 24% Contest Flying / 3D / Maximum Power / Carbonless 37,60
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